We have several festive events planned for this holiday season!

On Tuesday, participate in our highly anticipated Holiday Tournament at 2-3PM ET!

In the meantime, stop by spawn to drop off your letter to Santa by the morning of December 25th, or Christmas morning!

Be sure keep an eye out for our other planned events, including Ice Cube, Spleef, and a christmas-themed building contest!

Starting today, everyone will also be able to enjoy **quadrupled** Shiny spawnrates, randomly-scheduled drop parties, and 50% off all coin packages in our online shop!

(Events will take place from December 24th, 2017 - January 7th, 2018)

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving everyone!

This weekend, we have some activities planned to celebrate!

A nearby family farm has received some extra shipments of hay in preparation for Winter. Starting on Monday, all of that hay will be put to use for a public hay maze. Just make sure you don't get lost!

The family is also planning to hide some turkey feathers around their farm on Tuesday, with word of a special reward for the people who find the most!

As always, enjoy randomly-scheduled drop parties, doubled Shiny spawnrates and 50% off coin packages on our online shop from now through Thursday (11/30/17)!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Halloween is here, and we have some rather spooky events planned for this week!

For today only (10/31/17), the citizens of Mushroom Plaza will be handing out some treats for everyone to enjoy. However, we can't guarentee that all of those treats will be edible, so we apologise in advance.

Feel free to visit the Haunted Mansion that has mysteriously appeared around the outskirts of spawn. We don't know where it came from or how it got there, but there have been rumors that it holds some interesting secrets inside. (/warp Halloween)

In addition, enjoy randomly-scheduled drop parties, doubled Shiny spawnrates and 50% off coin packages on our online shop from now until Friday (11/3/17)!


[Owner] Big_Deaddy posted Aug 19, 17

Gyms are finally here! If you're interested in battling, all you have to do is check the status of the gym on our Discord (pinned message in #gyms) and contact its leader through either Discord (DMs or #gyms chat) or the in-game mailing system (/mail) to set up a time. Then you should be all set to complete the gym's puzzle and battle!

Please make sure you're all up to date with our Rules and Guidelines as well before contacting a Gym Leader!

After roughly a year of anticipation and preparation, Gyms will finally be arriving on Evermoon! We apologize for the wait, but we can confidently say it was worth it.


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